Friday, June 25, 2010

What color lipstick should i wear?

I have red hair, some people call it copper

light blue eyes

very light skin tone

what color lipstick should i wearWhat color lipstick should i wear?
The color you choose depends on several factors:

*Day or evening?

*Casual/going out?

*How is the rest of your makeup (dramatic or light)?

*What are you wearing?

For a fair skinned red head, you would probably do well with neutral shades. Maybe a peachy tone. Mauve, perhaps?

My hair is reddish, and i'm veeeeery fair skinned.. I tend to stick with neutrals, and wine shades, some pinks.

Experiment, till you find something you love! =)What color lipstick should i wear?
These colors鈥?/a>

a pink to peach color鈥?/a>

or red鈥?/a>

or this color

Hope I helped :).
Well, you can wear earthy tones, red, and natural lipgloss.

Avoid the pinks, and berry colors that will make you look pale.

lipstick is classy. You could try a soft, light coral.

lipgloss is for twelve year olds.
A really soft sheer pink would look beautiful with your complexion.
put on some light pink lipstick with some clear lipgloss or chapstick for some glossy look

I vote lipgloss or chapstick. :)
a nude glossy color would look good

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